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For they have gone out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from the Gentiles. Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth (3 Jo 7-8)

BTF does not collect money to redistribute to others. Rather, we find likeminded co-laborers who are working to integrate church planting, theological education and Bible translation. We then list their information here so that you and your church can directly support, pray for, and co-labor with these individuals and their churches, as you and they decide is fitting. At times we may also list projects or institutions which are in need and which the Advisory Board can recommend.


se asiaThe L* family is pursuing a ministry of integrating Bible translation, church ministry, and theological education in Asia. They are currently finishing post-doc research in Israel. They plan to join the Asian Crescent team of Mission to the World. MTW is the foreign missions arm of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Mrs. L is a missionary kid from Brazil where she developed a passion for missions work and has been actively involved in many cross-cultural ministry opportunities since high school. Mr. L grew up in Southern California and they met at The Master’s College where she received a BA in biblical counseling and he received a BA in biblical languages.

The desire to receive pastoral training in preparation for missions led Mr. L to participate in a pastoral internship program at their local church in Southern California while he attended Westminster Seminary California, where he received an MDiv. In order to gain facility in general linguistics, Mr. L completed graduate work in linguistics at the Summer Institute of Linguistics program at the University of North Dakota and BIOLA University where he received an MA in Applied Linguistics. Mr. L is also a licensed preacher in the PCA. After finishing a PhD in biblical languages at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, they moved to Israel for post-doc work in Hebrew. They are currently raising support to join a team in the Asian Crescent with MTW.

For more information or to partner with them, contact them at 1stcorinthians2verse2[at]gmail[dot]com.


NewPrayerCardDave and Stacey Hare are both graduates of The Master’s College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and are working in Cameroon, Africa as Bible translators for the Kwakum people. They work with World Team, a church planting organization out of Warrington, PA.

The end goal is not Bible translation, but a healthy Kwakum church with Kwakum leaders. However, they understand that healthy churches do not exist where its people cannot understand the Bible. We cannot fulfill the Great Commission until we have taught the people “to observe all that [Jesus] has commanded.”

The Kwakum are a small people group in the East Province of Cameroon that have very little access to the Bible. In the villages, though people speak French, there is very little literacy, and the French of the Bible is beyond most Kwakum. Therefore, Dave and Stacey are in the process of learning the Kwakum language in order to develop an alphabet, teach literacy and translate the Bible into Kwakum. They live in Dimako, Cameroon with their four children who were adopted from Ethiopia: Kaden, Makyra, Elias and Zoey.

Learn more about their lives and ministry at their blog:


zambiaAfrican Christian University of Zambia is still fundraising and building, but plans to open classes in 2015. We at BTF heartily endorse the leadership and philosophy of education at ACU. With African languages composing about 33% of the remaining languages of the world which still need Bible translations, and with ACU-Zambia’s biblical approach to educating pastors and Christian leaders, we joyfully recommend ACU-Zambia to you as a BTF partner. Pastors and Christian leaders trained at ACU-Zambia will be of great help to the work of church planting, theological education and Bible translation throughout the continent. Furthermore, ACU is backed by a network of churches in Zambia, a practice we see in the New Testament and one we hope to see more and more in missions, church planting, and theological education.

Praise God for providing a new Dean of the Seminary at ACU, Pastor Voddie Baucham!

Pray that ACU will be able to launch in 2015.

Contact ACU directly to partner in prayer, to partner financially, or to partner by joining their staff or faculty.

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