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Join the Fellowship

Join the Bible Translation Fellowship and take joy in knowing God’s Word is going forth with power for His glory!

The Bible Translation Fellowship does not collect any money. Rather, we like to find good Bible translators who are integrating their work with church planting and theological education, so that the Word may spread rapidly and be glorified (2Th. 3:1). Healthy churches are rooted deeply in the Word, and they also work together with other churches to raise up the next generation of pastors, counselors, disciplers, authors, scholars, translators, and theologians.

We find that most people have no clue there are over 7,100 languages and only 531 languages have a full Bible translation (and many of those need revision). So we want to educate and encourage you to join the Fellowship of churches and individuals who are supporting the Word to go forth and be glorified. We aim to do this by linking you and your church to faithful translators where you are already invested in your missionary work.

If you’d like to join the Fellowship:

  1. Start praying for Bible translation work,
  2. Consider supporting one of our Partners, and
  3. Don’t forget to spread the word about BTF through your social media and linking our site to yours.

We don’t regulate the Fellowship, it is self-initiated, before you and the Lord and your local church.

So join the Fellowship, and spread the word that the Word exists in less than 500 languages. Then pray and co-labor with your church to work Together 4 the Bible!

Got questions? Check out our FAQ page. Got more? Email us: fellowship[at]bibletranslationfellowship[dot]org.

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