NOBTS Colloquium on Bible Translation

Praise the Lord for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, who recently held a free colloquium on Bible translation as missions. You can also read about it in this article at Baptist Press, and check out the video presentations here. With experienced translators and consultants from SIL, The Seed Company, Wycliffe, and New Tribes Missions, it must have been a good day for encouraging the word of the Lord to run rapidly and be glorified (2Thess 3:1). May the Lord bring many more of these events, and prosper the work of Bible translation by raising up more laborers for His harvest (Matt 9:38).

Even if you don’t consider yourself a nerdy linguist (no offense, we love nerds) or biblical scholar, there is so much work to be done in translating the Bible. After all, only 500 languages out of 7,100 have a full Bible, and many of those need revision. Check out our Resources tab for the roles and opportunities for using almost any skill set for Bible translation.

Will you and your church join in the joy of coming