Little Wolf’s Bible

Ever heard of the Little Wolf’s Bible? I got hooked on listening to Stephen Nichols 5 Minutes in Church History podcast. This week Nichols’ podcast was on a Gothic translation done by Wulfila (i.e. ‘little wolf’) in the 4th century. We’re thankful that Nichols took the time to highlight the complexities and efforts of historic Bible translators like Wulfila. We might justly criticize Wulfila’s doctrine (i.e. Arianism) and his philosophy of extracting Chronicles and Kings from his translation—because he didn’t want to fuel the affinity of the Goths in their love for warfare—but the real question is, what are you and your church doing to raise up, send, partner with and support faithful Bible translators? 6,569 languages don’t have a full Bible and many need revision. Will you partner with someone Together 4 the Bible?