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Bring the Cloak, and the Books, Especially the Parchments…Bring the Hebrew Books

Paul asked his beloved son in the faith, Timothy, to bring warm clothes, books and parchments to his prison cell (2Tim 1:2; 2:9; 4:13). William Tyndale wrote from prison, in expectation of his death, that the local governor of Vilvorde Castle might bring him warm clothes, along with the following request: “And I ask to(…)

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Tyndale the Theologian-Translator

In 1526 John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, preached a sermon against Martin Luther during the public burning of Luther’s books. In Tyndale’s The Obedience of a Christian Man, 23 pages are dedicated to attacking Fisher’s sermon, point-by-point. Daniell writes, “The seven points against Fisher add up to one total: the Scriptures show that first must be(…)

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Tyndale the Pastor: Author-Theologian-Translator

Tyndale was not an author and theologian and translator and pastor. Rather, he was a pastor-teacher, who exercised his teaching and shepherding gifts through writing and translating theological works, whether putting the Bible into English or writing expositions on the Bible in English. According to Daniell, if all we had of William Tyndale was his(…)

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Tyndale the Expositor-Translator

William Tyndale was not just a translator, he was a pastor-expositor-translator and author. In 1531, Tyndale printed “An Exposition upon the First Epistle of John”. Tyndale would take anywhere from one to three sentences and exposit them. Daniell writes of Tyndale the expositor, he “expounds, comments and teaches…the reader comes away at the end knowing(…)

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Tyndale’s Concern for the Need of an English Bible – Who is the Translator’s Audience?

How did Tyndale determine there was a need for an English translation of the Bible? And who was his audience for the translation? On Tyndale’s “call” to translate, Daniell writes, “The call to devote his life to the printing of the Scriptures in English might have come to Tyndale as a slowly growing conviction over(…)

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