Online Resources from BTF

Internet Resources on Bible Translation History, Statistics and Standards

  • Statistics on the Worldwide Status of Bible Translation, from SIL/Wycliffe Bible Translators, who are involved in 79% of current Bible translation projects.
  • Learn about Scripture engagement from our friends at the Forum of Bible Agencies International.
  • The Wycliffe Global Alliance resources page has plenty of statistics, tools, media, prayer resources, and other information from the Wycliffe family of organizations. For information on how to get involved, including the roles and opportunities in BT work, go to their “Get Involved” page.
  • Great Commission Statistics, including facts on languages and Bible Translation from the Joshua Project.
  • Translation Standards of the Forum of Bible Agencies International.
  • A short history of translation in China, from the American Bible Society
  • Some interesting articles on the history and future of Bible translation, posted by the folks at Lausanne.
  • A helpful PDF you can print and use at your church to pray for Bible translation needs.

Roles for Serving the Bible Translation Community

SIL lists the various roles that people play, whether directly or indirectly, for serving the Bible translation community. This list also shows what kind of training and experience is preferred (though availability, humility, willingness, and faithfulness always go a long way when official training is lacking!).

For the role of Exegetical Consultant/Advisor (what we like to call a “pastor-translator”), go here.

Online Bible Study Tools

  • The NET Bible Study Environment is a fantastic, free online tool for Bible study resources, and one worthy of emulating in future Bible translation projects worldwide.
  • Learn to study your Bible through Includes free Greek, Hebrew, English, Spanish, German, French, and Romanian Bibles, with tons of videos and articles on arcing and bracketing, to learn to trace the flow of thought in a passage. See also John Piper’s method of Biblical exegesis.
  • The Tyndale House has many resources for Bible study and scholarly research.
  • Dave Black’s New Testament Greek Portal lists dozens of sites, articles and resources for biblical studies.
  • The ESV and HCSB have free Bible study suites online.