Bible Translation as Missions

Mature Translations

BTF Partner Dave Hare has written another excellent post, this time in response to various presentations at the 2017 SIL/GIAL BT Conference. Read Dave’s post at his blog, about “The Unfortunate Consequences of Short-Sighted Bible Translations.”

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Bible Translation and the Mission of the Church

In this 1-minute video, Bill Barrick—a Missionary-Translator-Theological Educator—emphasizes the importance of Bible translation to the mission of the church. BTF Board Members Steve and Kyle will be presenting on the topic of Bible Translation and the Mission of the Church on Friday, July 24th in Sacramento, CA. See our Events tab for more info. Pray(…)

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NOBTS Colloquium on Bible Translation

Praise the Lord for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, who recently held a free colloquium on Bible translation as missions. You can also read about it in this article at Baptist Press, and check out the video presentations here. With experienced translators and consultants from SIL, The Seed Company, Wycliffe, and New Tribes Missions,(…)

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