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Pioneer Missions and Theological Education

There is a lot of good work today going on to plant churches, and even to establish long-term healthy churches through some sort of theological education (read: discipleship). Organizations like TMAI, TLI, Reaching and Teaching, HeartCry, and many others organizations and events (such as The Cross Conference) are integrating church planting and theological education, evangelism and(…)

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Biblical Fellowship: Promoting Bible Translation, Church Planting and Theological Education

Together for the Gospel? Yes and Amen! What about the Bible? Let’s get Together for the Bible! Faith comes by hearing the gospel, right (Rom. 10)? So we plant churches. But how do we plant churches without the Word of God? We can start by evangelizing, which is oral proclamation of the gospel (or other(…)

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Do Christians Need Vernacular Bibles?

Should we really tackle all the minority languages of the world? English is fast becoming a global language and minority languages are being replaced by major trade languages like French in Africa, Hindi in India, Arabic in the Muslim world, or Nepali along the Himalayas. So if minority languages are dying off, what’s the point(…)

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Tyndale the Theologian-Translator

In 1526 John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, preached a sermon against Martin Luther during the public burning of Luther’s books. In Tyndale’s The Obedience of a Christian Man, 23 pages are dedicated to attacking Fisher’s sermon, point-by-point. Daniell writes, “The seven points against Fisher add up to one total: the Scriptures show that first must be(…)

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Tyndale the Pastor: Author-Theologian-Translator

Tyndale was not an author and theologian and translator and pastor. Rather, he was a pastor-teacher, who exercised his teaching and shepherding gifts through writing and translating theological works, whether putting the Bible into English or writing expositions on the Bible in English. According to Daniell, if all we had of William Tyndale was his(…)

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